Brad Robson
Mural artist | Contemporary painter

Murals/ Projects

Brad Robson. Mural artist, Sydney, Australia. Profoundly talented in the field of creating works of art that combine portraiture with abstractionism. Robson’s international flair has been featured in numerous exhibitions around the world, including Sydney, Australia and New York City, New York. You can quite often find him in his hometown of Sydney, Australia creating awe inspiring street art for the public’s viewing pleasure. Robson has been featured in many bars and cafes all across Sydney. In 2016, he undertook the largest mural he had ever accomplished in Barcelona, Spain. The sheer talent it takes to turn an oil painting into a 20 metre high mural, proves that Brad Robson is a man of unspeakable imagination, creativity and determination. His many years of curiosity, schooling and professionalism opens numerous doors for this Australian Artist. Brad Robson continues to impress in various cities with his mural work and is eager to start every new project.