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Mural in Catalonia, Spain

Painting this mural was a special experience for me. Not only was the physical part of executing such a large piece fun and exciting, but the journey and the people you meet along the way make it even more special. I spent 5 long days painting this piece, but to be honest, I could've spent 3 weeks! A big thanks to Marc at MursLliures for finding the wall and running such an amazing project for artists to express themselves in the urban environment,  Pep (the owner of the building) and his wife Carina and their family were the nicest people you'd hope to meet, and last but not least, Carles my sponsor who drove me out every day to the wall  (1 hour each way from Barcelona) and who helped me organise this mural from the beginning, It was truly something that money cannot buy.  The local TV and newspaper covered it which was great and Pep's friend has shot a small documentary for me which I'll post below when finished.  

Travelling abroad and sharing your art on this scale with people is what keeps me alive. I'm so happy to leave my mark in this small town just outside of Barcelona (Igualada) which, mind you, will be there forever! 

Igualda, Catalonia Spain.

Igualda, Catalonia Spain.