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Ode to Bowie at Neues Ufer, Berlin. 2018

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Ode to Bowie at Neues Ufer, Berlin. 2018

Brad Robson

“I was lucky enough to donated a small portrait of Bowie on the walls of David Bowie’s Favourite bar in Berlin from the mid to late 70’s. Leaving my mark here was a huge honour.”

The Bar

Established in the early 1970’s, this is one of the cities oldest gay cafés and is located off the beaten Schoneberg track. A favourite hangout of David Bowie’s, during his late-1970s Berlin exile (he lived a few doors down, with Iggy Pop). Apparently when they opened their doors to the public, someone smashed the front windows in - imagine the 70’s!  Bowie had the glass replaced, and it still runs as a bar/ cafe today in his honour. 

The former name Anderes Ufer (‘The Other Side’) was changed to Neues Ufer (‘The New Side’), symbolising a new beginning.