Abstract Figure Painting By Australian Artist | Portrait Painting and Nude Art Painting By Local Sydney Artist
Mural artist | Contemporary painter

CV - Brad Robson


2017   Canal Street Series, Woodward Gallery, NYC
2015   Urban Series, Four Seasons, Woodward Gallery, NYC
2015   Soho Exhibition, Gourmet Garage, Woodward Gallery, NYC
2015   Ghost Project, Woodward Gallery, NYC
2015   Solo Exhibition, Spectrum Now Festival, Sydney, AU
2014   Together Alone, Create Or Die, Sydney, AU
2013   Blindsight, Gallery Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY
2013   New Works, Kaleidoscope Gallery, Sydney, AU

Selected Group:

2017   L’Etranger Ambush Gallery, Sydney, AU
2013   To Deny Our Nothingness, Gallery Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY
2012   Pop-Up Exhibition, Platform 72, Sydney, AU
2012   Art EXPO, Hordern Pavilion, Sydney, AU
2013   33 Degrees, Kaleidoscope Gallery, Sydney, AU
2013   Run, Rabbit, Run, SVA Alumni, Westside Gallery, NYC


Public Murals & Projects:

2017   Perfect Match, Portraits Mural, Marrickville, AU
2017   The School Feature Film Illustrations
2017   Hollywood Portraits Mural, Los Feliz Vintage Cinema, Los Angeles
2017   Store Painting, Burton Flagship Store, NYC
2016   Lower East Side Gate Mural, 100 Gates Project, NYC
2016   Above the Law, Mural, Igualada, Spain
2016   In-Store Mural, Hive Bar, Sydney, AU
2016   In-House Mural, Create or Die, Sydney, AU
2015   Atomic Child, Mural, Sydney, AU
2015   In-House Mural, Newton Hotel, Sydney, AU
2014   Anonymous Fun, Hive Bar, Erskineville, AU
2014   Mural, Brooklyn Crab, Brooklyn, NY
2014   Optus Live Painting, “Elektra Spectra” Conference, Luna Park, Sydney, AU
2012   Mural, Brooklyn Crab, Brooklyn, NY
2012   In-House Mural, Glue Store, Sydney, AU
2011   In-House Mural, Hive Bar 2, Sydney, AU
2012   Sign Commission, Shenkin Espresso Bar, Newtown, AU
2012   Mural, Studio 74, Bundeena, AU
2011   Corporate Office Mural, SBS World Movies, Sydney, AU