Australian Fine Artist, Illustrator & Muralist - Brad Robson

Robson is a self taught contemporary painter and illustrator working out of Sydney; Australia. His fine art and mural paintings adorn walls locally and across the globe - from Germany to Spain to the United States of America. He is represented alongside big names in street art such as Richard Hambleton and Keith Haring at Woodward Gallery in New York City, and his celebrity portrait murals in Los Angeles, are testament to his expressive and sophisticated style.

Brad Robson is a Sydney-based abstract artist and muralist. Robson is a self-taught fine artist, specialises in abstract figure painting, nude art painting, and portrait painting.

While many other local artists call Sydney home, Robson stands out as an international artist with a unique voice within the Australian art world. It was the concept of the city itself which was the driving force and inspiration for Robson's art, and this has been carried through many of the murals he has painted throughout the city.

Robson's evocative and bold works are unlike those of any other painter. Wide brush strokes as well as a nuanced and thoughtful colour palette characterises Robson's pieces, which have often featured iconic figures and celebrities. A striking example of these are the murals on the walls of the Los Feliz Vintage Cinema in Los Angeles, California.

His works are at once playful and sophisticated, charged with energy and emotion. He is recognised for nearly 20 mural projects and numerous group and solo exhibitions. As one of Sydney's local artists and a unique abstract Australian artist he has produced a vivid and unique body of work, which commands attention across the world.

The Australian-born painter and muralist creates pieces that vibrate energy straight from the canvas to the viewer. His partially abstract portraits boast strong, emphasized strokes. His urban landscapes burst with life. His use of color is delicate and just right — never overwhelming and always necessary. Robson uses a variety of tools to emulate his aesthetic.
— Bellus Magazine
The self taught Brad Robson brings an exciting palette with vivid color and a play on light from his hometown in Sydney Australia. Working in large scale, Robson has been commissioned to do dramatic icon portraits worldwide. He can easily fluctuate from semi abstractions to nude portraits combining the best qualities of each. Robson’s street scenes are joyous with his signature colors and energetic perspectives.
— Woodward Gallery, NYC

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