Realistic & Detailed Abstract Portraits & Figure Paintings by Local Australian Artist - Brad Robson
Mural artist | Contemporary painter

Fascinating Fine Art Wall Paintings & Murals in Australia by Brad Robson


Wall Murals in Sydney Australia

Throughout the history of humanity murals have told our most important stories. From the earliest pictures scratched into cave walls to the frescoes of the masters which adorn cathedral ceilings, painted wall murals give us insight and knowledge into society’s values and dreams.

Brad Robson is one of the Australian mural artists to watch. Based in Sydney, his paintings can be found all around the world - from Berlin to Spain to the USA. Robson’s contemporary style is the perfect aesthetic complement to any home or business, and his painted wall murals will attract attention to your story.


Painted wall murals are a living, breathing art form that engages with the wider community. Here is a selection of  Robson’s mural works, painted on walls in and around Sydney, as well as internationally. The works here are painted on a variety of surfaces and highlight the versatility of his craft. To enhance your commercial or residential space with a unique and vibrant piece send a contact request through the website to schedule a consultation.